Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Organic Marketing

My definition of organic marketing is what develops naturally as you interact with people in every day life, either online or "out in the real world".

There are many opportunities to extend a hand, say "Thank you", "Hello", ask "How are you doing today?".

I was a huge fan of an author. I studied what she did on all of the social media outlets. I tend to seek and try to figure out how people work, how their marketing plan for works for them, and emulate their success (by the way, she isn't a huge name).I was disappointed that I didn't see much interaction between herself and well, anyone.

So I watched a while, still bearing my author crush around, keeping an eye on her books and where I'd see her name pop up. Again, not seeing much response to people who posted on her fan page or response on Twitter. At one point, an opportunity presented itself for me to comment on something. I posted a message and waited. I waited a day/two. Then I went and deleted my comment and unliked her page. Haven't wasted my time since.

If you don't take time for people, you won't be very successful in whatever it is you are marketing. I've heard people say they don't care, they're introverts. Don't have time to be polite, to care about another human being, to acknowledge their existence?I don't care how introverted you are, extend yourself.

This, my friends, is the wave of the here and now and the future. It's not all about how great you are (in your own mind or others). It's about that connection, that organic connection that takes place when you interact and put yourself "out there".

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