Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Butcher's Butcher

Let's say I own a well-to-do meat market. One of the best butcher shops in town. The other butchers come to gather and point at the meats on display. I go to their shop as well and oooh and ahhh. Occasionally, I'll buy a really good piece of meat from them. They've used a new combination of spices and I just can't wait to eat it for dinner. I even learn a new recipe that I can apply to meat for sale in my shop. Sometimes we even do mutual marketing and advertise for each other.
Problem is, most of my reach has been to or through these other butchers. Sure, they share, especially if I have something dressed up real special and of benefit to their own customers. They're good like that. They're my friends. I love them.
But how do I draw customers to my shop and keep them coming back?
How do I get the word out without breaking the bank?
We're going to be exploring some techniques over the next few weeks.
How to reach your readers.
How to target your audience.
On social networks and out in the "real world".
Marketing 101.
Creating your base. The best choice meats in town. 
Your words. Your products.
Follow along.