Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Love Me to Death

We were rockin' out in the car recently. Great song, beautiful day, windows down.
Then it happened, that song we used to love came on the radio. The one a year or so ago that we'd nudge each other over, our eyes taking on a happy glow. I'd turn up the radio and sing along. It hit #1 and stayed there....for months.
So when that song came on the radio the other day, I turned it lower and still, the incessant beat hit every last nerve in my body. Actually, I think my hair stood on end and a tick began in my right eye.
Punching the power button on the radio, I completely silenced the contraption.
A similar thing happens when I see a book cover back blurb (or repeated content) for the same book is posted 800 times in FB groups. Eyes glaze over and reactions go from interest, to boredom, to dislike, to ok...dare I say must look away for fear of a spontaneous aneurysm.
It can get to the point of making a declaration of  "I will never read that book even under threat of torture".
Think I'm exaggerating? Or maybe you don't and have had a similar reaction to posts/ads/repeated content by marketers for their products.
Come on, throw us a bone.
Give us a few lines from the book (love this for authors), a review of the product, even a different review every day. Yes, that will make us happy, dare I say giddy. We'll look at your product image a million times, maybe even buy it.
But please don't Love Me to Death with replaying the same song over and over again until I have no choice but to hit the OFF button....


  1. so true, Laura! I love how you put it. Nobody wants to be hit over the head every five minutes!

    1. Thanks, Alana. I didn't want it come off snarky. We've all been guilty of this at one time or another (possibly). It's good to be aware of it so we DON'T do it. :)